Born on the bayou.

I grew up an only child near New Orleans on a huge rice, sugar-cane, and soybean farm.  The moment I got the National Geographic 1979 copy of “Picture Atlas of Our World” (I still have it), I knew my life would be different. I ran…

I am: who I am, not who I’m not, the proud custodian of two lovely dogs, half-ambidextrous, chivalrous, intuitive, humble, career-oriented, a lover of the disenfranchised, capable of fixing or finding any “thing”, empathetic, generous, idealistic, always down for a good time, loyal, impatient, naturally opposed to “auto-promotion”, collaboratively inclined, impulsive, skeptical, occasionally too smart for my own good, artistic, adventurous, non-photogenic, weird, funny, and tough. my life has been amazingly interesting and frequently *charmed*; it’s been filled with extremely hard times, extremely great times, and extremely *beautiful people*.  I wear my struggles and successes quite proudly…

I’ve worked in various creative roles with clients such as: Microsoft, credit report.com, Fashion TV, Mercedes, Ford Motors, Toyota, Dulcinea, Brown-Forman, Wilson Sports, Sam’s Club, Kirkland, Kaiser Permanente, Talisker, Universal  Studios, Fitch, Alterna, and Mac Cosmetics to name a few.

Peace and love,
Lauren B. Avery

xusemoi at gmail.com

"Rachel's version of self in a mirror"

“Rachel’s version of self in a mirror”

"When you go away / My loves" - Brooklyn / Ella

“When you go away / My loves” – Brooklyn / Ella


2 Responses to About

  1. Kim Guthrie says:

    I deleted my facebook ages ago and was just wondering how you were getting on. Did you escape L.A.?


    • i did. i walked and traveled the mountains, deserts and coasts for a few months. alone (excepting my dogs) in the absolute middle of nowhere… quite a beautiful and therapeutic adventure, to say the least. back in los angeles living in a house in the hills that should’ve have been built for recording led zeppelin albums… how’s life in the southern hemisphere treating you?

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